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                             The CCE as well as the Mentoring and Monitoring programmes that she spearheads is evidence of her leadership in Professional Development of the Principals as well as of teachers across the CBSE schools. We are fortunate that Dr.Parashar will be conducting a Mentoring and Monitoring Workshop in Hosur as part of this Inauguration. We, at HSSC, are delighted to launch our CPDs with this programme.
Our HHSC togetherness as we all are aware began with or efforts to align our best learning practices with the launch of ASPIRE(Association of School Principals for Integration of Research in Education)in 2004.There has been no looking back since then. Our motto of :SHARING TO LEARN AND LEARNING TO SHARE has inspired our efforts in togetherness for the common benefit of the most critical stakeholder in this gamut of education-the student. Our Logo of the spreading banyan tree is symbolic of our efforts to branch out incessantly with new thoughts and ideas and with our roots delve deep into reflections that lead to authentic research.
          We look forward to moving ahead with a committed and dedicated team of HSSC Principals who have never left any stone unturned in this effort to strive for sharing and learning for the common benefit of all.


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 Ms. R. Shaila ,
 Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School,
 Swami Brahmananda Saraswathi Nagar Sipcot,Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635126